LEDZilla: A Game-Changing On-Board LED Light Head

Dedolight LEDZilla on-board LED head

Lightweight, Dimmable, Zoomable, Precise… It’s Everything We’ve Been Waiting For

First annouced at NAB 2009, the Dedolight LEDZilla uses a single, high-power LED to give you amazing output levels in combination with the trademark Dedolight double aspheric optics. Unlike most LED lights, the LEDZilla is focusable from 4° to 56°, with smooth light distribution in all focusing positions.

Click to read the full Dedolight LEDZILLA spec sheet (PDF).

The unit includes a wide angle flip-up diffuser for 70° angle, smoothly covering the widest zoom and widening the beam more horizontally than vertically (1:1.66) — after all, we don’t shoot round pictures! The diffuser lets you achieve a clean, sharp, single-edge barn door shadow or a very gentle light and shadow transition.

An adjustable support arm allows it to be positioned above and forward. Color quality is maintained across the entire dimming range, from full blast down to zero. The dichroic flip-down filter converts from daylight to tungsten quickly. A front-end bayonet allows future attachments and light modifiers.

LEDZilla’s power requirements are impressive, as well. Despite its amazing brightness, it requires only 8 watts, and can be run from any 6V to 18V DC source. Adapters are available for Anton/Bauer or PAG systems, XLR, Swit battery, or your car’s cigarette lighter. The optional battery shoe accessory is compatible with Sony and Panasonic mini-DV batteries, potentially giving you a full day’s use from just one or two camcorder batteries.

LEDZilla accessories are listed on page 3 of the spec sheet.

LEDZilla Accessories

Dedolight believes in the LEDZilla design so thoroughly, they have created an ecosystem of high-quality matched accessories around it. Highlights include adapters for all manner of shoe and stud mounts, international and DC power adapters in various lengths, a self-contained AA battery pack, suction and rail mounts, and a soft pouch.